We’re Dog

Professionally-trained dog
walkers at a moment’s notice

The Worthee difference


At your beck and call

We built Worthee with one simple thing in mind: WE LOVE DOGS.
We love dogs and we want all dogs to have the best care around. We truly feel that your dog is our dog… so that same love and care, count on it! Providing the same quality pampering, belly rubbing and attention 24x7x365.


At Worthee we like to keep it simple. That’s why we start with the most important ingredient first: LOVE. Our dog walkers come prepackaged with a huge heart and deep love for dogs. They can’t imagine their life without the company of a four-legged friend. The remaining ingredients: Top notch, first class, out of this world, super detailed training from Worthee University. Class education coupled with written exams, field training and hours of follow alongs. Simply put, we take a bunch of dog lovers and equip them with out of this world dog handling skills to make sure you and your dog receive nothing but the best love, care and attention!



Personal attention

Our dog walkers and pet sitters have a genuine passion for dogs and for the people that own those dogs. They work daily on creating a special bond with your dog and with you. All services are private (no group walks!).

Service verification

It’s not just a little 4”x6” piece of paper, it’s your dogs daily adventure. Our dog walker’s love when they get to write you a story about the adventures your dog had along the walk.  Detailed also is the time in and time out of the walk. Nothing but gold stars for your pooch!



Bonded and Insured

Our experienced, trained, bonded and insured walkers and sitters take extra special care and always go the extra mile to ensure that your pup is at all times safe and sound.

How Worthee works

Meet & greet

What’s more important than you and your dog? To us, nothing! We want to know what makes you and your dog happiest. So before we even step foot into your home for that first walk, we want you to interview us to make sure that we are the right fit for your furry family. There’s nothing more satisfying to our dog walkers than getting a wet nose stamp of approval.

The Walk

It’s that time of the day! The time of day when your dog gets to go out and explore the city. Our dog walkers look forward to each and every moment they spend with your dog. During the walk your dog is the center of their attention and when they arrive back home, your dog enjoys a good ole’ belly rub while their walker writes a report card summarizing their walk together. 

Home is where your heart is

We know how much you love and miss your dog when you are away. Whether it’s stepping out to work for the day or heading to an out of town event, we know that you miss your dog every moment you aren’t with them. Let us brighten your day with a photo of your pup. They say that pictures are worth a 1000 words…we say that pictures of your dog are worth way more.

Schedule in advance or book on demand

Stuck at work? On a date? Miss your flight? No worries!


We built Worthee from the ground up to provide the same high quality service whether you book in advance or order on demand, 24x7x365.

Interested in becoming a Worthee dog walker or pet sitter?